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Introducing the 2016-2018 In Colors

Welcome to the stage, here for a limited time, 
the 2016-2018 In Colors!

Please meet Mr. Dapper Denim, perfectly coordinated for all of those 
less than formal occasions in your life.

Next up is Ms. Emerald Envy, the perfect accompaniment for those
nights when you want your friends to be green with envy!

Ah, yes, here's Ms. Flirty Flamingo, she's quite the charmer here at the Beach Club.

Sweet Sugarplum is the nicest, sweetest one that you'll ever run into in a color array.

Miss Peekaboo Peach thinks she's quite the thing.  
She has southern charm and good manners; 
someone you'd love to take home to meet your mother.

And there you have it, your 2016-2018 In Colors!  Let's give them a round of applause!


  1. How cute! I missed these posters! They are adorable! Great post !


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