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Romantic Weekend Getaway...with stamps!

Charlie and I took some time to get away from things and just enjoy each other.  We went to Queen Wilhelmina State Park on top of Rich Mountain way over in Polk County.  This is a great place and I highly recommend it.  Check out the park here.  There's plenty of hiking, they have a restaurant on site, and Mena is just a short drive away.  Mena's downtown is delightful; they are revitalizing their main street and it's worth a visit (but not on Monday as Mena is shut down on Monday! LOL)

I went hiking.  No really, I did!  And it was actually fun.  Who knew??  We hiked the "Lovers' Leap" trail, which connects to the Ouachita Recreational Trail.  For more on the Ouachita Trail go here.  It was cool on Monday morning and the hike was perfect.  Everything was so green and lovely.

Lovers' Leap Trail through a tunnel of trees.
This looks like a tunnel of trees!

Honeysuckle vines in a bush on Lovers' Leap Trail.

Red berries along the trail.
Mystery, we didn't try them!
We really had a lovely morning hiking.  I think Charlie only hiked with me to humor me, but he ended up enjoying it, too.
Charlie on a bridge with a sign warning about non-potable water.
Hiking Charlie

Charlie at the Lovers' Leap overlook
Charlie at Lovers' Leap

Selfie of Charlie and me at the Lovers' Leap overlook
Charlie and me at Lovers' Leap

I promised stamping.  Here's the suitcase that I packed to take with us.  I worked on these tic tac boxes for my work friends.
Here is the Spread Joy Stamping suitcase to go!
Have stamps, will travel

Tic Tac boxes decorated using Pop of Paradise pineapple stamp in Peekaboo Peach and Emerald Envy by Spread Joy Stamping
Fabulous pineapple tic tac boxes