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Christmas in July

It's Too Hot Outside!

Do you know what July 25th is?  It's Christmas in July!  (It's also might be my 18th anniversary, but my husband is awesome and is letting me stamp with you that night!)  I'll turn the air conditioner down low, make hot chocolate, put on Christmas Carols, and put an apple cider melty thing in the Scentsy warmer.  I might even wear Christmas clothes!
I think I might have owned this one.

Let's get your Christmas cards made.  Then you just tuck them away (in a place you can find them) until Thanksgiving.  After you wake up from your nap on Thanksgiving afternoon, pull out your cards, address them, and write a tender message inside.  After you hit the Black Friday sales, stop at the post office and put them in the mail. 
Your friends will be envious of your amazing organizational skills.  Then when they see that they're will win both the earliest and the most awesome Christmas Card awards!  You're welcome.

Peaceful Pines Card

The card class will be $15.00 for 10 cards or $25.00 for 20 cards.  Here is a picture of the general idea of what we are making.  I'll update this with a picture of the sample when I finish it.  I borrowed this from Susan Horr's blog.  Thanks for the idea, Susan!

RSVP and payment are due by July 12.  So, don't hesitate on this...the clock is ticking!

Joyful Stamping,