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So Much Stamping (And a Little Life, Too)!

Well, I joined a gym about a month ago...I had forgotten just how much I enjoy going to the gym.  I can easily be there for an hour and a half...this sounds good, right?  Yes, but it's seriously cutting into my blog time! I guess I've chosen a healthy, fit me who doesn't have a ton of extra time over a slug me with an amazing blog! LOL

July Card Club
I am in love with these cards!  I love the colors and patterns and how simple they were to make!  That black border around the flamingo card?  I just drew two squares with a pen held loosely in my hand!

Spread Joy Stamping July Card Club cards
The three cards from July Card Club

Card made with Layering Love and Pop of Paradise by Spread Joy Stamping
Look at this Flirty Flamingo!

Enjoy Your Day with Badges and Banners by Spread Joy Stamping
Enjoy your day - this is so versatile

A little bird cage from the Badges and Banners Set with Pop of Pink by Spread Joy Stamping
A little birdie told me...

Thoughtful Branches
The upcoming Thoughtful Branches stamp and matching thinlits set is beautiful!  I saw a hydrangea card on pinterest and had to order the set immediately!  Kay and I are making "registration cuties" for the people who come to the Ronald McDonald Card Making Blow-Out on July 30.  I decided to use this set and then had to figure out what to make!

I like the composition of this and I think the gold binder clip sort of "toughens it up".  Oh, and also please check out the antique telephone card holder that Charlie got me for our anniversary.  He's been looking for something for me to photograph my cards on.  Isn't this is adorable?.

Here's a closer view of the treat bag.  I used the Kraft Tag a Bag Gift Bags and added some Tip Top Taupe Mini Stripe Ribbon, the hydrangea and stem, a circle stamped with the For You stamp, and a gold binder clip to hold it all together!

I thought that rather than a treat (that might mess up the front of the bag!) I wold use the bag like an envelope and make a card to go inside.  This is a quick card just using Whisper White paper, stamps, and ink.  I kept to the same color scheme of Sweet Sugar Plum, Emerald Envy, and Tip Top Taupe.  I'm sure the guests at our Card Blow-Out are going to love it (and maybe want to make some of their own!)

I Pulled the Trigger (finally)
My latest obsession has been Tieks.  I've wanted a pair for a while.  I finally pulled the trigger and bought a pair...using the upcoming trip to Disneyland as an excuse, LOL.
They came in the CUTEST packaging!  Look at the tiny box with the adorable flower on top!

This is the most precious box...
Who are these people?  They must have hired psychiatrists to design their packaging to make women even MORE obsessed with their product!    Evil geniuses!

Look at all of the goodies I got!

 All of these things were in that tiny box! There is a soft black lycra-ish bag to hold your Tieks when you are carrying them around for emergency use.  A pocket on that bag holds the blue bag folded into an attached tinier bag.  The blue bag is to carry your heels home once you switch them out for your Tieks!  See what I mean? Evil geniuses!
How cute are they folded up?

Look how cute they are all folded up!  The blue sole is so cool!  They even included a hand written note!

At the moment they are kind of squishing my left big toe, but my friend EA assures me they will stretch just enough so that I'll never want to take them off! I love this color.  It's called Clover Green.  I thought a color that doesn't match anything I own would be cool...I can wear them as a pop of color with everything! I hope I love them and can wear them on our short days at Disneyland.

And Finally...

I am a klutz.  Seriously.  I think I just try to do everything in a big hurry; I probably just need to slow down, but that's just not in my nature!  So, Friday's klutz move is this.

I poured a giant bag of cashews on my desk.  That is all.

Joyful Stamping,