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Weekend Stamping (with an extra day to stamp!)

This Fourth of July (Independence Day, really, but who calls it that?  no one) weekend was great!  I stamped all three days of the long weekend (because George Washington) and made some cute party stuff and three things for the Paper Made Prettier Team Meeting Creative Challenge!

Fourth of July Festivities

Festive banners using stampin' up! real red and tempting turquoise
Real Red and Tempting Turquoise

I woke up super early on Monday morning.  I got up and made ice cream, cleaned the kitchen, put away laundry...and then it was 8:00 I decided to make decorations!

Festive 4th of July banners from Stampin' Up! real red and tempting turquoise
Feeling so very festive with banners!

I found some red foil paper left over from Christmas that seemed just right for this!  I cut the paper to 6"X6" squares, I then marked the 3" location on one edge.  I put the squares on the paper trimmer lining up the 3" mark and the upper right corner and cut.  Then I did the same with the other side.  A couple of holes punched, the triangles threaded through with twine, and voila! Banners!  I really love Real Red and Tempting Turquoise together.
These are pinwheels made from real red DSP and then glued to pencils
Pinwheels from Real Red DSP

I made pinwheels from 4" squares of Real Red DSP.  They ended up being a little large for the straws, so I glued them to stars and stripes pencils.  Because Ben Franklin. 

Paper straws with pinwheels made from Stampin' Up! Real Red DSP
Pinwheels on straws!
I also tried out a 2" pinwheel.  It's pretty small, but totally adorable!  I put a pearl in the center of each one.  

I also bought turquoise paper ice cream cups, tied real red ribbon around them, and then attached a tiny silver colored spoon to them with a bow.  Everyone loved them...and used them and threw them away and I didn't get a picture of them.  :(

Lefty had too much fun and needed a nap on the bricks
Lefty is worn out by the party!

Lefty had a great time at the party!  She was beautiful and charming and didn't bite or claw anyone!  Then she had a nap on the bricks.  Because she's a cat.

Team Creative Challenge - Use DSP in a Project 
Challenge Accepted

DSP project for Team Meeting doing double duty for work gifts.
These are packages of Trident gum wrapped in DSP and then decorated with owls made using the owl builder punch and sitting on a branch made using the tree builder punch.  I make my office staff a creative gift once a week or so.  I'm taking these to work tomorrow.  They are going to love them!  (That cat is from Camark Pottery in Camden, AR.  These were all over Camden hanging on trees when I was a kid.  Because people were weird back then.)

Here's a sneak peek of the DSP project for the team meeting by Spread Joy Stamping
Sneak peek of my secret DSP project. 

Here is a sneak peek of the third DSP project for the team meeting.  It's so amazing, that I'm keeping it a secret until Saturday!  People's heads are going to pop off!  Stay tuned for the big reveal here on Sunday

I made a third project, but it's a total secret...stay tuned for a picture!  Think of this a little Revolutionary War Spy Craft.

I hope you had a great day celebrating our forefather's traitorous behavior a couple of hundred years ago.  I'm sure Ben would approve of our drinking of beer and eating of meat cooked on a grill!

Joyful Stamping,


  1. I love your blog posts and these projects are UBER cute. Just like you and that CAT!


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