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October Team Meeting

Wow, was this a great meeting!  I promoted to Silver Elite in September (after SO MUCH work!) and Kay surprised me with a silver-themed party.  There were cupcakes with silver sparkles, silver plates and napkins, and one each of all of the silver things from the catalog for me!  Becky brought me silver goodies too!  Plush a travel wine bag (she must read my Facebook or something!)
Look how pretty this is!

Kay completely surprised me with this.  I think she was as tickled about that as she was about me promoting.  Just sayin'

Mmmm, Cupcakes!

If you know me, you know I love cake, and cupcakes, and things that taste like cake.  With real buttercream frosting.  So, of course I had to pose eating the frosting!  The cupcakes were delicious!  Thanks, Clark for picking them up Saturday morning!

All of the Silver Things

For promoting to Silver Elite I got one each of all of the silver things in the Annual Catalog.  Glimmer paper, foil paper, silver print vellum, ribbon, glitter! Oh my!  So much silver stuff!

Here's my demo

Kay asked me to demonstrate something at the meeting.  I showed how to make this frame from a sheet of 12X12 paper.  I'll be adding those instructions here soon!

Look at these amazing swaps!
The swaps were over the top this month!  Look at that adorbs llama card!  How cute is that?  I wonder who made that one? (LOL, it was me!  I love the llama stamps!)

You guys out did yourself this month.  I'm super impressed!

Co-winner of the Creative Challenge

Now that Cindy is in charge of the creative challenges, there's voting!  But it was tied and you know Kay, if there's a chance for a prize then more prizes are better!  This is Lazandra's entry.  It's a shaker card.  The little shakee things are tiny leaf shaped cupcake sprinkles!

Co-winner of the Fall Creative Challenge

Here' is Patience's Creative Challenge.  I love this frame that she has made.  The foil paisleys are so pretty and I love the banner at the top.

And last, but definitely not least, when I promoted to Silver Elite, Kay Cogbill promoted to Gold.  She's the first and only Gold on our team and we are so proud and thankful for her!

We gave her a gold crown necklace since she's the Queen of the Pretties and Becky gave her the gold things from the catalog!

We love you Kay Cogbill!

Joyful Stamping,



  1. And here I am in a puddle again! Love my pretty necklace..And my pretty team! Y'all make my heart sing 😘😘😘you are the best to honor me in such a special way on YOUR day!


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