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I Love Watercolor Pencils!

I absolutely love our new watercolor pencils.  I so very much enjoy feeling like an artist when I use them!  Unfortunately I seem to have "misplaced" my watercolor pencils.  How, oh how, could I lose a box of pencils?

Before  I lost them I made a couple of cards that I love and then today I made a card using only the four pencils that came in the April Paper Pumpkin kit! The set has pink, purple, yellow, and blue; with those colors you can also make orange and green.  That's a pretty good array of colors to make a quick card with.

My preferred method to blend the watercolors is to use blender pens.  I like the control they offer; I sometimes get a little out of control when I use water and a brush!  But if I'm doing a large area, I seem to get the best results with a's just too hard to get good coverage and not end up with pencil marks in large areas with the blender pens.

Here are a few of my favorite watercolor creations.

Dance Like No One is Watching 
Doesn't This Make You Want to Ride a Vespa in Italy?

Crafting Forever - Housework NEVER!

What is your favorite way to watercolor? And what is your favorite stamp set to watercolor with?

Joyful Stamping,