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Display Stamper Application

Yippee! Here I am, applying to be a display stamper again!  I only told a few people, but I missed the deadline to apply to be a display stamper in SLC (I got two deadlines mixed up) and I was devastated! I was super excited about the possibility that SO many people would see my work and then I completely screwed up!  So this time, my girl gang pinky swore to not let me miss the deadline!

I am so happy with what I have made!  I am super excited for everyone to see EVERYTHING!
With no further ado, here are the candidates for Miss Ft. Worth Display Board 2018

Who will win the title this year?  With so many wonderful contestants this year the title could go to anyone!  Good luck to all of our stamped entrants.
I hope you enjoyed my silly flight of fancy!
Joyful Stamping, Elizabeth