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Petunia's OnStage Presentation

Welcome to Petunia's Blog Post!
Petunia is so excited that you are here today!  She has been bouncing off the walls since we left OnStage...well as much bouncing off the walls as bulldogs ever do!  She has been so excited for this blog hop.  Silly puppy!

We had so much fun on stage stamping with y'all! I had no idea that it would be that much fun.  Thanks to all of you for laughing in all of the right places and for making Petunia feel pretty.

I hope you all ordered the Sitting Pretty Bundle as part of your Petunia Purchase Premier.  I know that this set is going to be a great class for you!  I am going to show you the samples that I created on stage; you can recreate them and show your customers now so they can go ahead and buy the  Fortunate to Know You stamp set before it retires.

I charge $15 for my card classes or class is free with a minimum purchase (minimum purchase is only $20.)  We make six cards, two each of three designs. I have one card that is more complicated; i…

OnStage 2018 in Ft. Worth

Stampin' Up! OnStage 2018 April 7, 2018 Ft. Worth, TX Have I mentioned that I was asked to present a stamp set at OnStage in Ft. Worth?  Well I was and I did! The whole thing was surreal. It hit me the day before we left that Stampin' Up! asked ME to stamp on stage in front of approximately 600 other demonstrators!  Holy Smokes! How does something like that even happen?

One day in the Updates there was a blurb asking for people who wanted to present at an OnStage event to put in their application.  And that's really all that you did.  You didn't submit any of your work or anything.  Of course, I also submitted my work as part of my application to be a display stamper, so maybe they looked at that and didn't need to ask to see anything else because that was just so freaking amazing! Yeah, that must be it!  LOL

I prepared the cards the I wanted to show, Natalie (who was my contact at Stampin' Up) told me that people liked to see stamping on stage, and then figured …