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OnStage 2018 in Ft. Worth

Stampin' Up! OnStage 2018
April 7, 2018
Ft. Worth, TX

Have I mentioned that I was asked to present a stamp set at OnStage in Ft. Worth?  Well I was and I did! The whole thing was surreal. It hit me the day before we left that Stampin' Up! asked ME to stamp on stage in front of approximately 600 other demonstrators!  Holy Smokes! How does something like that even happen?

One day in the Updates there was a blurb asking for people who wanted to present at an OnStage event to put in their application.  And that's really all that you did.  You didn't submit any of your work or anything.  Of course, I also submitted my work as part of my application to be a display stamper, so maybe they looked at that and didn't need to ask to see anything else because that was just so freaking amazing! Yeah, that must be it!  LOL

I prepared the cards the I wanted to show, Natalie (who was my contact at Stampin' Up) told me that people liked to see stamping on stage, and then figured out how to stamp two of the cards in eight minutes!  And still talk about the other card, a random act of joy AND tell a little bit about myself and our team!  Whew!

FYI - I made some ugly cards before I settled on the cute ones that I demonstrated! Do you want to see those cards?  Check back here on Thursday for our blog hop...all of the presenters are going to have their presentation cards on their blogs and are going to talk about using their stamp sets, bundles, or suites in your business!

Meanwhile, why don't I show you the sweet cards that Kay (my amazing upline), Patience, and Cindy (my also amazing sidelines) sent me before OnStage?
Here are Kay and me in our '80's garb for CentreStage!

Kay believed I could for sure!  She was so happy that
I was selected to present!

Here's a funny story, I didn't like Patience when she first became a demonstrator on our team!  I can't even remember why now because I love her so much!  I can't imagine what the team would be like without her.
Patience made this card just for me!
She's always so positive and upbeat!  She works hard at this and at life.  I love that there are three of us at CentreStage now.

Cindy (of Cinderella's Stampers, of course) is doing great in her business and team.  I think she will be the next one of us to become Silver Elite and join us at CentreStage!  I hope she gets there before the end of September because you know it's going to be amazing in Orlando and on the 30th Anniversary!
Cindy makes the loveliest, sweetest cards.  Look at this sweet one that she made for me.
We actually traded for this set at the April 2017 OnStage!

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the Presenters Roundup Blog Hop!  It should drop at 8:00 AM CDT!

Joyful Stamping,
Elizabeth and Petunia