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July 2018 Color Challenge

A Color Challenge Good Enough to Eat! June was British, but July is distinctly American!  What do you think about in the summer?  I think about gardens, farmers' markets, homemade ice cream, pies, corn on the cob, and cook outs!  This challenge has the some of the best parts of those.  Behold...the July Challenge!
Strawberries, blueberries, and red gingham... don't those just say picnic to you? They do to me.  Of course, it's usually too hot for a picnic in July.😊  We had some great entries in July and I couldn't pick just one, so I decided to feature them all!

Happy Summer Everyone, I hope you're enjoying the color challenges!
Joyful Stamping, Elizabeth

June 2018 Color Challenge

Papermadeprettier Color Challenge June 2018
Kay and I have been cooking up something new!  We have a Business Challenge and a Creative Challenge that are both tied into the team meeting and prizes and that are really contests.  We wanted to create something fun that everyone could do.  Something that let the hobbyists and those that are building a business could all have a fun competition with each other on equal footing.  Kay and I talked about it and then she kind of set me free to build it and run it.  We agreed that we wouldn't hold everyone to current products only, but that there wouldn't be prizes...well besides the prize of being featured on my fabulous blog!  And with no further ado, here is the first of the Papermadeprettier Color Challenge!

June 2018 Featuring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the Occasion of the Wedding of her Grandson  HRH Prince Harry and Ms Megan Markle
I think that people weren't ready for this color challenge!  There were two entries in J…

What a Summer!

Kidney Stones Anyone? No?  I didn't think I'd have any takers! Between my Frozen Shoulder, my toenail surgery, and my kidney stone triplets, it's been one heck of a summer at my house! However, it hasn't all been can get some good crafting done in bed!
Let me show you the wonders that I created while confined to bed...doesn't that sound delightfully Victorian? If only I had had some bed jackets to wear!

I made these two because I love this stamp set so much! I have already used the cake in class, but I wanted to play around with some of the other parts.  I love the flower patterned skirt, don't you? I used the Thank You card in class, and while a friend wanted to come but couldn't she did end up commissioning 10 cards from me!

We also made this lovely card in class.  It was fun to color that dove green!  I used an assortment of paper from a couple of different sets of DSP on this card, and actually ended up stamping the bottom piece of Soft Sea F…