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What a Summer!

Kidney Stones Anyone?

No?  I didn't think I'd have any takers! Between my Frozen Shoulder, my toenail surgery, and my kidney stone triplets, it's been one heck of a summer at my house! However, it hasn't all been can get some good crafting done in bed!

Let me show you the wonders that I created while confined to bed...doesn't that sound delightfully Victorian? If only I had had some bed jackets to wear!

I made these two because I love this stamp set so much! I have already used the cake in class, but I wanted to play around with some of the other parts.  I love the flower patterned skirt, don't you? I used the Thank You card in class, and while a friend wanted to come but couldn't she did end up commissioning 10 cards from me!

We also made this lovely card in class.  It was fun to color that dove green!  I used an assortment of paper from a couple of different sets of DSP on this card, and actually ended up stamping the bottom piece of Soft Sea Foam to get the look I wanted.

I have a Technique Class on the first Tuesday of each month, it's aptly named, Technique Tuesday (how delightfully clever of me)!  This was the first class of the new semester; in this class I taught them how to make "black magic" cards.  I was actually working on the bases of these when my second kidney stone started its "great escape".  Good memories. LOL

Look at these adorable Santas!  How cute are they??  I colored them with blends while I was drugged in bed with the last of the kidney triplets making his trip to freedom!  I hurriedly stamped them before the pain got too bad so I would have something to do in bed...because I knew there was no way that I would be able to read on the pain meds!

And last but not least, here is a one-sheet wonder scrapbook!  I love this little thing so much.  
It takes about 1 1/3 sheets of 12X12 DSP and 1/2 to 1 sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock.
These are so much fun to make and are deceptively simple.  How fun would these be as gift card holders?  A few fun pictures, some decorations, and then gift cards in the pockets? These would be perfect if you were traveling for the Holidays.

I'm traveling to visit friends this weekend.  They just moved to a new home in Philadelphia (Patriotic  stuff here I come!).  For their upcoming fifth anniversary, I am getting them started on a Memories and More album of their first year living in Seattle. They've been missing their friends, and this is a fast, easy way to get photos off of phones, out of dropbox and wherever else and into photo into an album for sharing and enjoying.  I'll share some pictures soon.

Joyful Stamping,