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Happy Mother's Day!

I made this card for my mom for Mother's Day SO long ago! She was actually at the same retreat that I was when I made it! I went ahead and "gave" it to her (unsigned, LOL) with the warning that she might not actually get it because I loved it so much that I wanted to blog it!  I think the travails of a Blogging Stamper's mom are as bad as those of the husband of a Blogging Stamper (see Charlie's Valentine's Day card here)! But she loved the card, and appreciated every bit of the work that I put into it so she was happy to let me keep it for pictures and blog inspiration!

I have always loved Blue Willow kitchen and dish ware. I actually love all of the variations on the Chinese motifs that have the blue image on a white background. If you aren't familiar with Blue Willow Dishware, here is an example.

And here's a funny digital version of the pattern!

I wanted to make a Blue Willow Tea Pot, but didn't have anywhere near the stamps that I needed. But, we DO have the two koi fish in the All The Good Things Stamp Set (Item 146558). The smaller of the two fish was a better scale for the tea pot.  I stamped him with Night of Navy, Blueberry Bushel, and Pacific Point ink to see which one I thought was the closest to the color that I wanted (Blue Willow Ware comes in nearly every color of blue that you can imagine!)  I decided that I liked how the Koi looked in Blueberry Bushel the best.

If you look at a tea pot and think about how the patterns are placed on them, they aren't painted or transferred onto the vessel over all of the pieces of it at once (for instance, if the art is transferred onto it they wouldn't apply the transfer to the body and the handle at the same time; these two parts would be done separately). Therefore, I needed to make masks for each part of the tea pot so I could stamp the Koi on each piece individually.  (Hey, my mom deserves this much work for her card!! Don't judge me for my crazy obsessive behavior!)

I stamped the teapot several times, cut out the various parts of it, applied Tombow glue to the back of the parts, and then let it dry so it became repositionable.  I am storing these tea pot masks inside the stamp case as you can see here, so I can use them on future cards.

Teapot "parts" are ready to use again.

i cut the poem in half so I could have the first stanza
on the front and the second inside.

The gold seal just seemed perfect on top of this double bow.
I pulled the plastic thread out of the Whisper White
Classic Weave Ribbon to make the loose stand bow on top.

You can really see the Koi fish in this picture!  The
Blueberry Bushel is the perfect color and they really give
the tea pot a Blue Willow "feel".

This poem really is sweet!  The second verse on the inside says:

A bond that stands
the test of time
a mother and daughter
hearts intertwined.

Isn't that just the sweetest?  You see why I just had to snip my stamp apart so that special verse would be on the inside of the card!

I hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day if you're a mom, if you have a mother or a mother-figure in your life, please give them a special day, and if you don't have anyone special to you, then accept my love on Sunday!

Joyful Stamping,

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