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About Me

Just the facts, ma’am
Hi!  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Welcome to my blog.  Pull up a chair and let's get to know each other.  I’m Elizabeth Mayfield-Hart, a crafty, nerdy Bridge Engineer and a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator since 2013.  I just passed my 51st birthday (and that’s all I’m going to say about that!) and I’m married to another Engineer…he’s a retired Engineer (also a Bridge Engineer); so the nerdiness quotient can get pretty high around the house!  Charlie and I have a 29 year old son named Taylor and the most spoiled, loved ginger tabby cat ever, named Lefty! 
Here are Charlie and I at a wedding in New Orleans.  I never pass up an opportunity to wear a hat!

You might say we have an addiction to Christmas Vacation!

This may just be next year's Christmas Card picture! Christmas Vacation pajamas for the whole family! That's our son Taylor and his girlfriend Rainey on the right.

Lefty got “left” at our house when she was about 5 weeks old.  I’m sure you can imagine how many pictures there are of her on our phones because tiny kittens are adorbs!  Oh wait, here's one!
Just look at this tiny adorable baby!

We actually look back at them and ooh about how tiny and cute she was.  Sickening, isn’t it?  
Just look how big she is now.  I’m pretty sure she thinks that she’s the Alpha Female in the house.

What I love
I love crafting.  Period.
My mom says that I’ve been crafty as far back as she can remember!  I used to sit cross-legged behind the sewing machine and watch her sew.  The first DIY I can remember is when I made “smell-gooders” at a friend’s house while she was babysitting me.  Evidently the definition of a “smell-gooder” is lotion and powder wrapped in aluminum foil!  Thankfully I’ve moved past that.
I got into scrapbooking over 20 years ago, you remember those days…when we used to cut our pictures into tiny shapes.  I have a couple of albums with tiny circle, heart, and star shaped pictures.  Ugh.  Oh, and remember the fancy scissors? Wow!
My husband made me an amazing scrapbook table about 10 years ago.  The shelves on either end are large enough to hold 12X12 paper.  Yes, he’s amazing; and no, you can’t have him.  The Little Rock area used to have a couple of scrapbook stores, but high speed internet and on-line craft stores finally put them all out of business.  It was a sad day in the scrapbook world.  A moment of silence, please.
About that time a friend from church named Kay Cogbill had a Stampin’ Up! journal class.  She had just returned from the Stampin’ Up! 25th Anniversary convention in 2013 and was super gung-ho about getting her business rolling.  As soon as she said, “matching paper, ink, and ribbon” I was sold.  The matching punches and stamps were just gravy! I signed up that weekend and have never once regretted it. 

Now here we are, the 30th Anniversary OnStage was just last year...Kay is Gold Elite and she has three Silver Elites (I'm one of them!) on her team!  Who would have dreamed five years ago that Kay's two-woman team would have grown to this??

Why Spread Joy Stamping?
For me, the absolute best part about stamping and crafting is making things that show others that they are loved and special.  If I can help someone else spread that love and joy then it just magnifies my joy!  I also love helping someone see that stamping is easy and that they too can create beautiful things.  And what is more fun than getting together with girlfriends with a glass of wine, stamps and paper, and a snack or two to create, laugh, and share?  We've had some of our best group therapy time over stamps and wine.

My Vision

I have a team of my own now, we call ourselves "The Joy Team".  We meet every other month. My dream for them is that they will all grow their businesses into what they need.  Be it a fun hobby to releave stress, or a big business to bring in extra money or earn the incentive trip! Whatever their vision is, I want to help them achieve it.  I'm less than two years away from retirement (!!) and I can't wait to dig into this full time (well, how about more than I am now!).  But I will never get tired of seeing the joy that creating cards brings to people's faces!

Why do I blog?
I created a blog to connect with friends, customers, and other crafters.  I love reading other people’s blogs, seeing how creative they are, and finding cool things to CASE (Copy And Share Everything).  I’m hoping that someone can find inspiration from my blog, just like I do.   And most importantly, I blog so I will feel like an artist!  Where else can you show the favorite things that you’ve created?  You can only get so much satisfaction out of showing your gorgeous cards to your husband!  You know what I mean...his reply is usually, "that's nice" or "is this the same one as last week" or "it needs a message inside"!  Art galleries don’t hang cards or scrapbook pages on their walls; I don’t feel like any less of an artist than the people who are in galleries.  So why shouldn’t I have my own art gallery?